I've never liked my handwriting. It's boring. It's not quirky or creative-looking. It's just dull and totally inconsistent. It's almost as if my handwriting has a split personality; sometimes it slants, sometimes it doesn't. I join up some letters and not others. Often when I am writing quickly it's quite scribbly and hard to read. Both professionally (as a teacher) and creatively (iMake stuff), my handwriting does not seem to  do what I want it to.  I want it to be beautiful, readable and, well, "me".

As a child I was obsessed with hand-lettering but oddly enough I did not seem to make a connection between this creative activity (the cover of my rough book was filled with bubble writing) and writing my school work (a bit of a mess). I can even remember attending calligraphy club in my lunch hours when I was at grammar school.

But back to my personal handwriting. I have decided to try and re-train my hand. I cannot remember learning cursive or joined-up writing at school so I think I might start there. Then I am going to try and remember what I learned about calligraphy. Watch this space for progress.

Has anyone else ever thought about improving their handwriting? Or do you think that handwriting is obsolete in the digital age? Does anyone have any tips?