Guest Post: LoveKnitting

I am delighted to share a post with you from Edward Griffin, the founder of LoveKnitting. Combining a love of yarn with an online business is something that really fascinates me so I was really interested to hear about how he came to set up LoveKnitting. I hope you enjoy reading about it too...

How did an internet entrepreneur come to set up an online knitting store? Edward Griffith talks about the journey to LoveKnitting.

It may seem incongruous, an “internet entrepreneur” and knitting, but really all roads were always leading to this. Recently, my mother pointed out that we had lived above a yarn shop as children, something that I had forgotten but which nonetheless probably had an important subconscious effect! My mum has always knitted, and my girlfriend is also an avid knitter. Both complained of the difficulties buying yarn online…..

Something suddenly clicked, having spent my career building internet businesses, why not weave these two threads together? Create a new kind of store online with an incredible range but with a service and personality you might find in your local store?

That was nearly two years ago. I found three equally passionate and incredibly bright people to help me build it, doing everything from photographing the yarn, building shelves for all our stash, designing the site, answering the phone and taking turns to pack and send out the yarn. It is hard to believe that now we have a team of over twenty and 150,000 items on the site!

One of my favourite quotes is from Mark Twain: “When a person finds their own work and not someone else’s, it becomes play, not work”. Everyone who works at LoveKnitting is passionate about the business, which makes it an extraordinarily special place to work. We have our own Knitting in the Pub evenings, a meeting room where every inch of wall is covered in yarn, a constant flow of music in the office, and often a visiting cat or dog. You will often find people knitting during meetings or lunch breaks.

Our focus on ensuring our customers stay smiling is so important – whether that means making our site easier to use, ensuring we have stock across our range or listening to the wonderful feedback we get from our customers. Every day I get an enormous amount of pleasure reading the comments our customers leave us, or seeing their pride in their finished projects.

But to return to roots once again, from a technology perspective, this business is super exciting! Just because knitting is centuries old, doesn’t mean that the technology that underpins our site isn’t absolutely cutting edge. These are exciting times for creative people who embrace all that the internet offers them in terms of inspiration, ideas, and support. We have an extraordinarily smart tech team working to improve the customer experience and I am super excited about our plans for this year – watch this space!